Our story

Welcome to the Dry Dudz™ Family

My name is Cyndi and I’m a wife, mom, business woman and now a swimwear innovator.

We are an active family and spend as much of our free time as possible around our pool, down at the lake or on a beach vacation, relishing warm weather and enjoying an outdoor lifestyle.

The continuous cycle of getting in and out of the water often lead to complaints of discomfort about swimwear. I am a problem solver, so I was ready for the challenge of finding a solution to saggy, soggy and uncomfortable swimwear with mesh liners or boardshorts without any support.

I tried buying compression shorts to wear underneath the trunks, but that just complicated things. They got separated in the wash and clothing that once slipped on was now “one step too many.”

So, I decided to sew the undershorts into the boardshorts. And what do you know? They loved it! After much research, I was amazed we couldn’t find a product on the market that provided comfortable and supportive swimwear to transition seamlessly from land to water and back again. Until now...

With a lot of encouragement from family, friends and neighbors, Dry Dudz hybrid boardshorts for both men and women are now a patented product with an attachment system that connects our boardshorts to our belt liners and bikini bottoms.

My husband and I have been partners in two successful startup companies during the past 20 years. With the same entrepreneurial spirit, we have utilized experts from San Francisco to San Diego to Kansas City to New York City in the fields of design, manufacturing, branding, and public relations to bring Dry Dudz to market.

The result of two years of hard work are products that maximize support, provide an innovative fit using a QMS Quick Mount System™ and offer quick-drying comfort for all shapes and sizes.

From an inspiration poolside to many other ideas yet to come, we hope Dry Dudz will become the brand you trust to make your experiences at the beach, pool and lake more comfortable and fulfilling.

Be sure to “Get Your Dudz On!”